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OK, so are you ready for the sales pitch?

It's actually very easy. Already, we have spent a lot of time, struggling to get these tools made. A lot of weekends and nights have contributions into these tools. We only have one computer person, and limited funds.

And what do we need? Money, lot's of money! Actually, we need people to give us some computer time. We could use the assistance of Apple, Windows and Android developers, and people with skills (and equipment) in audio recording and in the Punjabi language.

As far as money goes, we are hoping that friends and family will assist.

We are not a 501c3 non-profit. We cannot offer any tax benefits. We cannot, at this time, even show the transparent use of any contributed money. And honestly, these are good reasons not to help us!

But please take a few minutes to see what we have done so far, and judge us by our contributions to the sangat. If you would like to support us, email us with your contact information, and we can dicuss it offline. Every little bit helps.

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Amrit Punjabi for Windows 8 is the first free Punjabi learning application in the Microsoft App Store. This statement was verified on April 4, 2013.