Punjabi Apps by Amrit Punjabi

Amrit Punjabi has published two apps, Punjabi Alphabet and Punjabi Spelling that are available through iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Amazon. Both are free and don't contain any ads! Yes, we realize that the Apple Store is missing ... maybe you can help correct that!

Punjabi Alphabet

Amrit Punjabi App Learn the Punjabi Alphabet, common animals, fruit & vegetables, colors, numbers and shapes. Free! No Ads! Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8/10 and Kindle.

» Punjabi Alphabet by Amrit Punjabi

Punjabi Spelling

Amrit Punjabi Worksheet Learn Punjabi spelling while playing a game! Encourages word and sound formations. With 2,300 variations of words presented around a core set of words, kids grasp the concepts, quickly gaining confidence. On Android and IOS!

» Punjabi Spelling by Amrit Punjabi