Punjabi Alphabet Phone Apps

Amrit Punjabi Phone App The flagship app, Amrit Punjabi, is designed for children and adults looking to learn the basics of Punjabi; the Alphabet, common Animals, Fruit, Vegetables, Colors, Shapes and Numbers. It uses simple images, sounds and text to provide an easy learning experience. The pictures were carefully created to help children learn modern day items. For example, the traditional usage is “i for inkpot”; fewer children these days are using an inkpot. Trying to learn more about their heritage and culture, Sikh and Punjabi children may benefit from this application.

The application contains six sets of learning tools. Global options can be set, which includes 4 sets of selectable voices, a slideshow option and a continuous looper option. Each set of learning tool has the word in Punjabi, the word in English, and a phonetic equivalent in English. The user interface is designed primarily in English. The learning tool screens change every few seconds, and you can also swipe and use the menu options along the top and bottom.

This app is free (no annoying ads!), and available for Apple, Android, Windows and Kindle.

Punjabi Alphabet Windows App

Amrit Punjabi Windows App This is the first free Punjabi learning app for Windows 8!

Amrit Punjabi for Windows is similar in content to the phone app. It has a different approach to presentaion, and also includes, along with the letter or word, a sentence in Punjabi.

Amrit Punjabi for Windows runs on all Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers. This app is free with no ads.

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Apps in the works ...

In the short run, there is an interactive punjabi words app in the works. The first run will be targeting Android, with a Windows version following it. There is also a plan for an app with kids stories. Additionally, there are several more projects in the pipeline, but progress is slow. Want to lend a hand?

Other resources

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