Punjabi Spelling Phone App

Punjabi Spelling Phone App Punjabi Spelling is designed for children and adults looking to learn the spelling of common words. Its free, and there are no ads!

It helps build associations and encourages word and sound formations. It uses simple images, sounds and text to provide an easy and learning experience, intended to keep young kids immersed in the learning experience. The HD quality pictures were carefully created to help children learn modern day items, and 4 sets of narrator sounds are included.

With 2,300 variations of words presented around a core set of words presented in the quizzes, the concepts will get reinforced, and all the presented options are also randomized ... so much for memorization, its time to use word formation skills!

Why stop here? We can expand the library of words and make this an even larger learning tool ... you can pledge your support in this effort!

This app is free (no annoying ads!), and availble for Android and IOS!

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Apps in the works ...

In the short run, there is another interactive punjabi words app in the works. The first run will be targeting Android, with an IOS version following it. There is also a plan for an app with kids stories. Additionally, there are several more projects in the pipeline, but progress is slow. Want to lend a hand?

Other resources

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